Nutritional deficiencies are common as are immune system deficiencies. 


The best way to combat these is to move back into an isolated cabin in the woods, far from traffic, airplane exhaust, plastic bottles, and other environmental toxins. Start growing your own food and hunting your own meat like we’ve done for hundreds of thousands of years. But you’re not ready to do that are you?

Well then, your perfectly designed body may need a bit of help. But be careful. If you are adding supplemental products to your diet, you are dealing with an unregulated industry. For this reason, and many others, I spend months vetting my recommended support products.

Now, I don’t necessarily know you, or know what you’re eating, what nutritional deficiency you may have, or your genetic predisposition to having a nutrient deficiencies. This is why I always suggest talking with a qualified functional medicine practitioner before taking any additional support products.

But if you don’t feel that it’s necessary, and you’re ready to get a little extra support in your efforts to live past 100, check out my recommendations below.