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Dan Miller
Over the last 5 years, Dan has become one of America's most
in-demand wellness speakers
"Best Health and Wellness Speaker I've Ever Seen"
Dan Miller is one of the sought-after speakers in America.

Last year, he keynoted over 150 events.

This year, he's booked to deliver 150 more, and his schedule runs well into 2021.

Recently, Dan was voted Speaker of the Year by members of Vistage, the worlds leading executive coaching organization with 23,000+ members in 20 countries.

Teaching others to live their best life is one of Dan’s passions and he’s taken that passion around the globe. 

He has presented his life-changing program to executives and their companies across North America, South America, Australia and Asia. Thousands of people hear his interactive, engaging, and sometimes funny (at least he thinks so) message each year.

Dan can accommodate any size group and speaks on a wide range of health and wellness topics ranging from eliminating workplace stress, nutrition and diseases of modern humans, and, his favorite, Happy Healthy Human!
What the Audience Says...
"Best health and wellness speaker I've ever seen"
"Best most comprehensive and easy to understand health and wellness speaker I've ever seen.  Deep knowledge based on facts not trends.

Truly remarkable.  Hands down the most impactful life changing Vistage speaker of all time."
Vistage member
Philadelphia, PA
"In my top 3 presentations in over 11 years"
"Assuming the materials are of like excellence to the actual presentation and Q&A this is in my top 3 Vistage presentations in over 11 years as a member."
Vistage member
Philadelphia, PA
"Extraordinary speaker with invaluable content"
"An extraordinary speaker with invaluable content.  I would go watch it again the very next day, because it was so rich.

And he's so dynamic and yet very gracious."
Vistage member
Philadelphia, PA
"Possibly the best speaker we have ever had"
"Dan's material was clear, usable and important.  He was very professional and engaging with the group, good humor and potentially life saving material. 

My members thought he was possibly the best speaker we have ever had.”
Bradford Roller - Vistage Chair
Cleveland Ohio
"Great presentation...Your message really resonated"
“Thanks again for such a great presentation at the Vistage International meeting in New Jersey last month. 

Your healthy-eating message really resonated with me as I have now lost over 30 lbs in total. Majority by healthier eating – just elimination of all that sugar I used to devour.”
Richard V. 
New York, NY
"We have lost at least 300 lbs"
Your name is a fixture in my groups.  You made a profound impact.  Collectively we have lost at least 300 lbs. 

Imagine how much lighter the earth is today because of you.  Honestly, barely a day goes by without me thinking of you.  I am as lean as I have been in 20 years.  

And sex is amazing.  Thank you.”
Dan G. 
Boston, MA
"Simple... down to earth... compelling"
"He presents his ideas in a simple outline and expresses himself in a very down to earth, natural, yet compelling way. 

He covers all the key actions we should be taking to lead a full and healthy life for as long as we possibly can.”
Bill B. 
Raleigh, NC
The Members Loved Him
"Dan just spoke at my Vistage peer-groups of CEOs and Senior Executives about what it takes to be “Ultra-Human”, and the members loved him.


Because with elegant simplicity he has distilled the 6 factors which are most pivotal, revealing and exploring these in a very interactive way and offering practical advice."
Mike Richardson 
 Author, Speaker
San Diego, CA
Best and Brightest in Wellness
Detroit, MI | October 2018
 A Life-Changing Talk
"He was very inspiring.  

It inspires me to eat better and I am always working on that.

I hope to take that away as a life-changing talk from him"
 Rejuvenating... inspiring... fresh
"I've been a personal trainer for 12 years and a lot of the things he said reinforced things that I already feel.  But it was rejuvenating... inspiring... fresh.

I really like the aspect of bringing us back to our roots of being mammals and part of the planet."
Best and Brightest in Wellness
Detroit, MI | October 2018
More from the Audience...
"One of the best - if not the best - talks I have ever heard"
I can't say enough about the simplicity and power of Dan's talk to my Executive Group. 

I personally lost 20 pounds and several inches from my waist.  I feel so much better with increased energy, eyesight, memory, and lower blood pressure. 

Dan delivered one of the best if not the best Vistage Speaker talks I have ever heard. I highly recommend Dan. You will not be disappointed!!!!!
Malcolm Brignac 
Executive Chair – Vistage International, Personal Client 
"If you want a speaker on health and nutrition I would 
recommend Dan"
"Dan was very engaging with my Vistage Board.  He took the Members and guests through the various things they could do to improve their nutrition and health. There were specific action steps for them to take. He continued to answer questions during our lunch. 

If you want a speaker on health and nutrition I would recommend Dan.  I was proud to present him with the Vistage Speaker Above and Beyond Award.  I thought Dan did a great job presenting a complex subject in layman's terms that was easy to understand and follow."
Robert Vedral 
Executive Chair – Vistage International 
"Informative, enlightening, and entertaining"
"His talk was informative, enlightening, and entertaining.  Everyone in the group took home at least one tidbit that they could implement to move the needle to a healthier lifestyle. 

Dan does not judge.  He offers simple effective solutions.  I encourage you to book Dan to speak to your organizations or companies. You will not be disappointed!" 
Jon Jennings 
Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client 
"Dan hit it out of the park"
"I often measure a speaker's success based on how much my members still talk about her/him the next month.

Dan hit it out of the park with my 3 groups.  He got all of them super engaged and sparked a total health focus that is lasting for a good month already. 

His energy is great and we love the way he engages the groups.  I highly recommend you put him on your schedule!!
Niels Johnson-Lameijer 
Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client 
"One of the most compelling and engaging speakers I have experienced"
Dan is one of the most compelling and engaging speakers I have experienced.  What separates him from the rest? 

Dan is there for you, not himself - he is not selling, he is giving.  Dan is passionate and purposeful about his message, which is portrayed in a humble yet powerful way. 

It is evident that his depth of knowledge, care and experience are the reasons why he is a terrific catalyst for successful and enduring life change.
Amy Brodsky 
Founder – Sky Partners, 
Executive Chair - Vistage International, Executive Client 
Alyssa Spaw
Meet Alyssa, certified coach in the Happy Healthy Human program
Meet Alyssa
Young... Vibrant... Intelligent
With young vibrance and diligence, Alyssa seeks to highlight the importance of both mental and physical strength in the ever-expanding discussion on health and wellness; regardless of work title or position in this world, our bodily systems all deal with some external pressure—toxins, unhealthy relationships, sedentary lifestyles, junk food, and more—as well as the internal pressure and stress we put ourselves through. 

Starting out with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Neuroscience focus, it was obvious early on that only a scientific approach would quench her desire to study human behavior and mental health. Said desire to learn about strong ethical research led her to complete two years in a campus research lab in which she was able to manage various studies and projects among her peers. 

In line with other developing interests in nutrition and physical wellness, this research experience in human behavior and psychology led Alyssa to pursue a PhD program that focused on human eating behavior. The years spent in the Nutritional Sciences program contribute to much of the nutritional knowledge she uses daily in her one-on-one coaching.
Alyssa Spaw
Certified Coach
Happy Healthy Human
Alyssa then moved on to follow her competitive hobby into another career path when nutritional studies were no longer enough. In 2016, she competed in a Natural Bodybuilding Competition and won her pro card. This led her to become certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Outside the gym, Alyssa has been a local performer for several years; lending well to the passion to speak about the importance of health and wellness. Throughout high school and college, she performed in several musicals, local talent shows, and an a-cappella group—taking home several awards. 

Ultimately, Alyssa’s experience with human behavior, nutritional science, and physical performance imparts an extremely capable platform to educate, coach, and inspire a wide range of audiences to achieve long-term health.   

Joelle Mancuso
Meet Joelle, founder of Ageless Warriors and certified coach in the Happy Healthy Human program
Meet Joelle
Joelle Mancuso is a 30-year veteran of the fitness industry. She is an internationally recognized fitness educator and author. She is the former Director of Education for Mad Dogg Athletics and founding member of the Spinning indoor cycling program.

She has showcased and presented new concepts, ideas and programs at the fitness industry’s leading events such as IDEA, ECA,IHRSA and FIBO.

In addition to being a leader in the fitness and nutrition field, Joelle owns and operates a health and wellness company, Ageless Warrior, which targets longevity based on modern medical science and our evolutionary past. 

She is committed to educating the masses of people who are not exposed to information that could stop the diseases that everyone is dying of in America.

A mom to 3 young adults who she educated at home, she holds several early childhood education certificates including: Non-Violent Communication, Brain Gym, and Bal-A-Vis-X. All of which help her spread her message among families; where much of the generational change needs to begin.

Joelle holds a Certificate in Exercise Physiology from U.C.L.A, is a member of the Venice Nutrition Coaches network and has an Associate’s Degree in Communications from Golden West College in Huntington Beach. 

She currently is a Founder and Board Member of Monticello College, a college providing a Liber education based on the liberal arts and the manual arts. 

She is currently residing in Thousand Oaks with her husband Joe and 3 young adult children where she is involved in three privately owned companies.
Joelle Mancuso
Certified Coach
Happy Healthy Human
Karla Green
Meet Karla, certified coach in the Happy Healthy Human program
Meet Karla
With a deep desire to experience all life has to offer, Karla’s thirst for adventure started early. With her father’s persistence and encouragement, he taught her to read and write by the age of three.

Reading opened new worlds of imagination and possibilities for Karla, and when her nose wasn’t in a book she was outside climbing trees and scraping knees.

Karla graduated from high school at 16, anxious to tap in to academia. She graduated from the University of North Florida with a BA in English and communications.

Early in her collegiate studies, Karla discovered a passion for health and wellness. Although always active in sports in high school, she started taking fitness seriously by entering the competitive sport of bodybuilding.

Committed for nearly a decade, Karla became a two-time nationally qualified athlete and competed internationally at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.

Amazed by what the human body is capable of, she became an AFAA certified personal trainer and fitness instructor in 2007. She completed the PN1 nutrition coach program through Precision Nutrition in the summer of 2019.

An outdoor enthusiast, Karla has completed the grueling Spartan Trifecta. In 2020, she plans on returning to the bodybuilding stage, as well as competing in the Highland Games. 

Karla also earned a MA in English with a concentration in composition and rhetoric with a focus on multicultural literature. 

World travel fuels her fascination with other countries’ traditions and customs.

A photojournalist, she captures unique and delicate spaces where food, culture, and tribe intersect. Karla has also written numerous published articles on workplace wellness and the benefits of taking workouts outdoors.

Karla’s mission is to teach others how to balance modern-day demands with Mother Nature’s rules.

Compassionate, passionate, and personable, Karla is dedicated to guiding each and every person on their journey of becoming a healthy happy human!
Karla Green
Certified Coach
Happy Healthy Human
Michele Cuffe
Meet Michele, certified coach in the Happy Healthy Human program
Meet Michele
Michele has had a passion for health and fitness from a very young age. Having watched her mother go through Breast Cancer when she was only 12 and how it affected her and her family changed her. Not long after she would go to the gym with her mother and she was hooked. She would volunteer with her mother for the American Cancer Society where she would go to the hospital and visit patients going through Cancer.

After High School she earned her Medical Assisting degree in Tampa. Michele worked in the Healthcare Field and was also a Phlebotomist for nearly a decade.

After the birth of her third daughter she got her spinning and group fitness certifications and started teaching all over the Tampa Bay area. She then went on to receive her Personal Training Certification through NASAM and her Nutrition Degree through the IFPA.

There is not a physical activity that Michele does not enjoy. She has done Marathons, Triathlons, CrossFit, and competed in Figure with the IFBB league for two years. She is an avid Spin Instructor and is still teaching.

After watching both her parents die from lifestyle disease way too early she felt the need to honor them by trying to reach as many people as possible. Her mother died of Ovarian Cancer and her father died of complications due to Alcoholism. Michele’s passion is to spread the word on how we can avoid disease and grow to an old age with Vibrance and Vitality by following mother natures rules. She wants everyone to be a Happy Healthy Human!

Michele is also a wife and mother to her three grown daughters. Aside from physical activity she enjoys her animals, reading and spending time on the beach.
Michelle Cuffe
Certified Coach
Happy Healthy Human
Sammy Gonzales
Sammy Gonzales
Check out Sammy's amazing and inspirational story
Meet Sammy
I have been where you are, clicking around online, wondering if there is a way to make it happen. Seeking for a way to make a change from an unhealthy, unhappy lifestyle to living a happier life while being full of energy, feeling motivated and encouraged by the progress I’ve made over the past several years and striving to live as a healthy person.
My story may be similar to yours. As a four sport athlete in high school, I was always active and full of energy. Although I may not have been sculpted of marble and modeled after a statue of a Greek god, I was seemingly healthy and in “good shape”. Fast forward to college and I met a few new friends. Those friends were alcohol, fast food, late night parties and other influences that impacted my life with short-term happiness, but long-term detriment to my health. I remained active, playing in a variety of sport leagues, most of the time celebrating a win or contemplating a loss by throwing back a few cold ones or heading out for a bite and a night out on the town. Little did I know this was a trend that would continue long past the college dorm room.
After entering the professional workforce, I found myself in a low-paying, entry level job that supported my previous habits of late-night parties, eating low quality food and surrounding myself with people who supported this habit. Not all things were terrible, as a lot of my friends I found during this time are still some of my closest allies. I even met my wife during this time. The fact was, I wasn’t focused on my wellness at all... and it was about to catch up to me.
One random day I woke up for work and as I typically did, popped some medications for high blood pressure and shook off a night of staying up too late and having a few too many. I stepped on the scale outside the shower before beginning my morning routine.

The scale had a long red pointer that circled around to notate body weight. This was a routine I did daily, but this day was different. This time, the long red pointer stopped moving and stopped moving for the wrong reason. The needle had nowhere else to go, it literally stopped because there was a pin it hit at the largest number it could register.

That number was 299 pounds. There’s no telling how much further it would have continued, but in my best estimation, I was probably closer to 315 pounds.

From graduating high school at a somewhat svelte 195, I had ballooned to an enormous human. This didn’t happen overnight, but it didn’t register until this moment. I had become an overweight and unhealthy human. And I did it all to myself without even noticing.
At that moment I chose to do something different. I decided this was not how I was going to continue on living. My family history often took two paths to the cemetery... either dropping dead of a heart attack or some form of cardiovascular disease, or by taking the mental plunge into the world of dementia or other memory-loss diseases. I thought it would be a much easier road to “go crazy” than to feel the pain of a heart attack or stroke.  
And that day is when I got to work. It took a while to figure out what I needed to do. So there I was, “researching” online. I saw all the crazy ideas, but I didn’t build my plan to do it the easy way. There were no surgeries, no miracle cures, no over-the-top diet trends... just a solid understanding of what I needed to do to make a difference in my life and to change my relationship with myself.
I enrolled in Dan Miller’s coaching program to help others like me. I want to help people who have found a place in their life in which they want to make a sustainable, impactful and beneficial change for their future self and their families. I’m not finished and am proud to report that I am now living the healthiest I’ve ever been. I currently weigh 184 pounds, am off all heart-related medication and am now someone who focuses on health, wellness and the pursuit of growth.

My doctor literally said “WOW”, what did you do?  
If you are ready to make a change, but aren’t sure where to start? Let’s talk. We can figure it out together. Let me be the person you can rely on to help you transform into a Happy, Healthy Human.  
You have to start somewhere and someday. I’m ready, are you?
Sammy Gonzalez
Certified Coach
Happy Healthy Human
Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones
Meet Sharon -- skillful coach, educator and motivator of the Happy Healthy Human Program
Meet Sharon
An engaging and experienced speaker and coach, Sharon’s expertise inspires and motivates audiences to follow nature’s rules for a stronger, healthier body with less disease.  

She has shared her strategies with teaching professionals for over ten years. Significant health improvements have been achieved; teachers are healthier and more effective while instructing successful, thriving students. She helps athletes of all levels, executives and individuals reprogram their metabolism, increase energy and decrease sugar cravings with insightful, science based tips and techniques.

Sharon has been in the corporate world for over 30 years with extensive coaching, teaching and training, presently coaching over 2,000 individuals a year. She is a Certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach through the International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching (IBNFC), a Certified Behavioral Analytical Trainer, Coach U-Core Essentials Graduate and holds a teaching certificate with a Bachelor of Science in Education. 

Staying healthy in a busy life while raising a family and working full-time is challenging but not impossible. Sharon’s proven methods create positive results both physically and mentally, encouraging lifestyle changes for healthier, happier and productive lives.

A lifetime advocate of healthy nutrition and exercise, Sharon enjoys staying active in many sports.  Her true passion is running half and full marathons. 
Sharon Jones
Certified Coach
Happy Healthy Human